Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A cheeky update...

Why is it cheeky? I'm not sure, I could have just said a little update, cheeky seemed more adventurous. Maybe not...

Well I'm on Uni break at the moment which has left me time to go on a 2 week bender which I'm only now starting to slow down on. Like I'm back on the slopes of France drinking like my life depended on it.

But it's also given me time to work on a couple of projects which I am quite passionate about. My good friend Rob and I have decided to join the world of podcasting. But with absolutely no idea how to actually join the elite on iTunes we are just podcasting from our facebook page Check it out I still giggle when I hear it. Haha and tune in for more to come as well.

The other big project is Rob and myself are working on a feature film to start filming later this year so we can hit the festival circuit next year. So now that the stress of my 1 exam has gone, I've got my major drinking out of the system I'm ready to start writing the first draft of the script. Stay tuned for that one, it should be amazing!

And that brings me to the next point on this posts agenda, my radio show. I took over a hit radio show on community radio station 89.7fm here in Perth. And so far so good, I've got a mate, local producer Hoppo working on some slick sounds for the show and with my beautiful voice TNT with Jay on Thursdays is on it's way to being a hit all around Perth. Check me out on Facebook TNT with Jay and hit the like button and make me feel special. haha.

Until next time...

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