Thursday, September 15, 2011


This is late I know. But to be honest my training efforts didn't really happen leading up. I dropped down to the 10k as did Hayden. And after a night of drinking I clocked it in 1 hour, Hayden ran it in 50 minutes. Not too bad. Next year!

Despite me being stupid and putting Marathong as the subject I am in all seriousness going to attempt to do a MARATHON.  Yep, me running for 42k's.  So I thought as this is one of my life's goals I will blog the journey.  More so if no one believes me.

I'm going to attempt and succeed I hope the Rottnest Marathon October 23.  So if your there come down and cheer me on, I might need it.  I'm doing it with two mates, both of whom are a great deal fitter than me, Steve who completed the City to Surf marathon in under 3.5hours.  And Hayden just an all round fit person.  So good luck to me...

I have just over 5 weeks to train for this, I have known I was going to do it long before these 5 weeks just didn't have the motivation to do it.

The hardest part of starting training for something like this, is simply starting training.  Take this morning for example.  My alarm went off at 6am as it does for my 'training days', I got up went to the loo and went back to bed.  Where is my dedication, mind you I had done a 9ker a couple of days before in my first week of training which took it out of me.  So a few hours later as a bit of disappoint in myself I went for a run. 

Now I'm not new to running, I actually really enjoy it.  It's when I get my best ideas and really de-stress.  But knowing I've got such a big task ahead of me, makes everything different.

I did throw in some training with Hayden, which might I ad can take one stride while running to my two, the downside of short legs (I'm not a midget though), a Jacob's Ladder training session.  I managed half way running up before my legs felt like lead and I couldn't lift my leg and had to jog up one at a time.  Hayden however blitzed up no problem.  A long way to go.

So, where I'm at training wise.  This is the first official week for training with 2 3k runs down and a 9k run I think I'm off to a good start.  But a long, loooong, loooooooong way to go.  This Sunday will see another attempt at a large run, most likely another 9 to 10k (with a few short walks).

I'll keep you posted on my progress and what I'm going through mentally.  Then when all this is over I'll let you know how drunk I got after the race.

Till next time...