Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why are things called the things they are?

The other day I was talking about breasts. Normal conversation for a 20 something male right? Well it was with a female so I'm not too sure what that means. But we were talking about udders on cows and the teats and how similar they are to the nipple on the female breast. Which then lead to me thinking are breasts called 'tits' because they are somewhat similar to the cows teats? This observation lead to a great deal of laughter when imagining a woman with an udder. Then a disturbing image of a hot woman with a cows teat as her nipple. I mean you can milk anything with a nipple right?

I didn't feel this was necessary to blog when this happened but today I had a similar moment, not about 'tits' but about comedians.

Why are Comedians called 'comics' when a comic is a cartoon magazine. That's when I started to think about Dane Cook saving a child from a burning house by telling a joke. Not sure how it worked but that's what I was thinking.

So my question to you is why is a Comedian called a Comic? Is their super power to make poeple laugh?

Till next time...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Election Malarkey

Firstly I have to start this blog with how do you actually spell Malarkey, but also what does Malarkey mean.

Today is election day and I have to be honest my first election that I get to vote in. Okay, so I'm 26 and this is my first election, how does that work? Is that what you were asking? No... Right then. Well I want to tell you anyway so read on please. The first election I voted in I didn't really follow what was going on didn't know how the whole thing worked so I 'donkey voted'. Then for the next two elections I was out of the country. Good ol' Howard was re elected while I was in Canada, of which I had been taken off of the electoral role. The second time was 'Kevin '07', and I had no Idea what was going on at that point.

So today was the first time I took notice to make my vote count. I conveniently work in the media industry and enlisted the help of a political correspondent to assist not only me but my listeners on who and how to vote. No that any of his advice helped, I had to make a personal call at 9am and ask what the devil I should do. Thankfully Steve from Steve from 89.7fm's 'Steve's Top Tip' assisted me and I voted right. Although at this point my vote hasn't really counted. Just shows you how backwards Australia can be.

But I can't help but feel let down knowing all the effort I went to didn't make any difference, unless things make a drastic change.

I guess we wait and see.

Till then...