Thursday, September 15, 2011


This is late I know. But to be honest my training efforts didn't really happen leading up. I dropped down to the 10k as did Hayden. And after a night of drinking I clocked it in 1 hour, Hayden ran it in 50 minutes. Not too bad. Next year!

Despite me being stupid and putting Marathong as the subject I am in all seriousness going to attempt to do a MARATHON.  Yep, me running for 42k's.  So I thought as this is one of my life's goals I will blog the journey.  More so if no one believes me.

I'm going to attempt and succeed I hope the Rottnest Marathon October 23.  So if your there come down and cheer me on, I might need it.  I'm doing it with two mates, both of whom are a great deal fitter than me, Steve who completed the City to Surf marathon in under 3.5hours.  And Hayden just an all round fit person.  So good luck to me...

I have just over 5 weeks to train for this, I have known I was going to do it long before these 5 weeks just didn't have the motivation to do it.

The hardest part of starting training for something like this, is simply starting training.  Take this morning for example.  My alarm went off at 6am as it does for my 'training days', I got up went to the loo and went back to bed.  Where is my dedication, mind you I had done a 9ker a couple of days before in my first week of training which took it out of me.  So a few hours later as a bit of disappoint in myself I went for a run. 

Now I'm not new to running, I actually really enjoy it.  It's when I get my best ideas and really de-stress.  But knowing I've got such a big task ahead of me, makes everything different.

I did throw in some training with Hayden, which might I ad can take one stride while running to my two, the downside of short legs (I'm not a midget though), a Jacob's Ladder training session.  I managed half way running up before my legs felt like lead and I couldn't lift my leg and had to jog up one at a time.  Hayden however blitzed up no problem.  A long way to go.

So, where I'm at training wise.  This is the first official week for training with 2 3k runs down and a 9k run I think I'm off to a good start.  But a long, loooong, loooooooong way to go.  This Sunday will see another attempt at a large run, most likely another 9 to 10k (with a few short walks).

I'll keep you posted on my progress and what I'm going through mentally.  Then when all this is over I'll let you know how drunk I got after the race.

Till next time...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A cheeky update...

Why is it cheeky? I'm not sure, I could have just said a little update, cheeky seemed more adventurous. Maybe not...

Well I'm on Uni break at the moment which has left me time to go on a 2 week bender which I'm only now starting to slow down on. Like I'm back on the slopes of France drinking like my life depended on it.

But it's also given me time to work on a couple of projects which I am quite passionate about. My good friend Rob and I have decided to join the world of podcasting. But with absolutely no idea how to actually join the elite on iTunes we are just podcasting from our facebook page Check it out I still giggle when I hear it. Haha and tune in for more to come as well.

The other big project is Rob and myself are working on a feature film to start filming later this year so we can hit the festival circuit next year. So now that the stress of my 1 exam has gone, I've got my major drinking out of the system I'm ready to start writing the first draft of the script. Stay tuned for that one, it should be amazing!

And that brings me to the next point on this posts agenda, my radio show. I took over a hit radio show on community radio station 89.7fm here in Perth. And so far so good, I've got a mate, local producer Hoppo working on some slick sounds for the show and with my beautiful voice TNT with Jay on Thursdays is on it's way to being a hit all around Perth. Check me out on Facebook TNT with Jay and hit the like button and make me feel special. haha.

Until next time...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Below the poverty line I go...

Day 5 hell's yeah!


It came pretty quickly actually. I didn't struggle much today. Had my plain pasta sandwiches and potato chips (home made) yeah that's right I can cook as well. Although chips aren't that hard. Not the point.

The greatest thing about this Live Below The Line is I can stop. I can' imagine what it would be like for someone to enjoy the simple pleasures of a big breakfast at the John Street Cafe. To enjoy a nice take away Chinese. So I hope the money I helped raise made a difference.

I ended up working today which meant I was too busy most of the time to worry about having to eat. I just got to enjoy the smells of everyone's lunch in the staff room.

I didn't end up using all my food either. I had a heap of rice left over and some pasta and even some bread.

But in all overt the week I made some moola and that's the whole point. Thank to everyone who made a donation not only does it make it worth while for me, and gave me a reason not to cheat. It also goes a long way in helping out those in need in Papua New Guinea via the Oaktree Foundation.

I raised $60.00 big ones! My goal was only $50 so yay for me.

Here's to next year and my pizza at midnight. hehe.

Day 4 hurray he yells


The 4th day is finally here. Headaches have slowly worn down to a dull manageable pain. I don't feel hungry any more, but once I eat one thing I just want more. I think I just ate about half a packet of rice today.

But things are good. I'm frickin' looking forward to Friday 12am when I pop my bottle of champagne to celebrate.

But not before I get through tomorrow. I decided today that I would prepare all my food for tomorrow as I have quite a busy day. So I have smashed potatoes, home made chip's and spaghetti and about 4 slices of bread left, though they have gone slightly hard now. Toast it is.

And I still have heaps of rice left over. And I doubt I'll eat all the spaghetti. I seem to get quite full quickly as much as I want to keep eating.

My bathroom habits have gone a little askew sadly. I had an apple and ended up on the toilet for half an hour. Ah the joys...

Here is to the last and final day of my challenge. If you haven't already make a donation. Makes all this seem worth while...

Day 3 cont. (what did you just call me)
So I did pretty good today. My class mates decided it was fair to talk about chocolate and popcorn and all things amazing when you are at the cinema, and when I politely asked them to stop they said sorry and kept talking. Oh the pain. But at least I have my twitter friends around Australia in the same boat (jason_ace).

I've been getting really bad headaches which is a little annoying, and I'm not sure if that's from my painful shoulder or the lack of food. I also had a phantom knee pain, I swear was lack of food caused.

Needless to say aside from the paid I didn't find myself staring through the window of the bakery, watching my family eat their dinner my eyes following their forks. Nor did I start looking through the bins behind the grocery store. I said I didn't do that stuff right. Yeah that's what I meant...

Today's diet was full of plain rice for a afternoon snack. And for lunch I had plain spaghetti, I forgot to put a sauce in the budget for this week. And for dinner I had a delicious culinary delight of plain spaghetti sandwich. And as my new LBLAus Twitter friend @daniellalallaa said I

"Oh man, I am so over pasta/spaghetti. Don't think I could eat another bite of it for a loooong while!"

So that's me done for day 3, over half way there. And now I'm planning my big breakfast for Saturday morning. What shouldn't I have?

Here's to day 4 of more plain pasts and plenty or rice.

I though I'd be okay with this whole limited food thing. And I am because it helps a great cause. BUT... I thought I'd be able to take food donations, so I had plans of making all my Uni friends buy me lunch. And I also had plans of eating people's left overs, not the most glamorous but do what you gotta do. And I also had cunning plans of going to the grocery store and getting all the free samples. But turns out under dot point 8 in the rules and regulations;

"You can't accept 'donated' food from family or friends, but monetary
donations towards your fundraising goal are acceptable, and encouraged!"

So that leaves me eating plain bread for breakfast. I'll keep you posted on how the rest of the day goes...



Day two is down, and I have a full belly mostly of rice and bread. But it's full non the less.

The only bad thing is I now can't eat too much for the rest of the week, didn't think that one through the best when I was indulging.

But the reason I had to indulge was because I woke up, well hungry goes without saying. But I was so tired and cranky. Nothing a cheap can of spaghetti on toast didn't fix.

Yes, okay I may not have been the best shopper for under $10, but it's the small things in life. Or at least when you have to go 5 days without food.

But at least I've done a shop this time and not just purchased biscuits. I've got apples, potatoes (Irish style), rice a lot of rice, some soup in a cup, bread, spaghetti (only $1.00 on special) and that's about it.

I don't plan on eating all of it, but after tonight I may only just scrape though.

As long as I keep myself occupied I'll be okay. But I did struggle while trying to write a major assignment. Lack of food maybe?

I have finally gotten over the pain of not having coffee, but crave sugar something conic.

My other theory is if I go to bed early I won't get hungry cause I'll be asleep. Is that scientifically proven? I'll let you know.

There was one point today when I did think about the real reason I am doing this. And if I can make a difference for one person as little as it may be then so be it. I can manage to not eat for a day.

Heres to day 3 and almost half way...


Okay so it's day one, numero oono. And as you can tell a little delirious from the lack of food. And would you know I don't a friend that is willing to buy me food. But it turns out that that kind of activity is not acceptable. So looks like I'm headed to the grocery store tomorrow to buy enough for the rest of the week.

When I woke up this morning I actually forgot what it was I was doing so I had my standard protein shake. Oops. Not sure how to penalize myself on the one, might just pretend it never happened.

Then today I purchased a packet of biscuits for .85c, I know right bikkies for under a buck. And I got a cup of two minute noodles. That really wasn't good enough for my daily meal, wouldn't surprise me if I collapse tomorrow.

I did however eat a tiny tub of nuts that I already had. Turns out that that was not acceptable either. So I'm going to have to take some money out of my budget to cover that.

My shopping list for tomorrow will be rice.

I've got headaches, I'm hungry and I can't concentrate. Damn no coffee.

I can have the free samples from the grocery store though right?

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding.

Firstly what is the 'train' for on a wedding dress? Just looks like a calling to be tripped up from the kids walking behind.

But there has been a lot of hype about this wedding, so I decided to watch some to see what it's all about. And apart from it being the Royal family it's just a normal wedding.

What shits me is the fact that it was compared to in ever sense, Diana's wedding. Move on people, move on.

Let's hope they last!

Until next time...

Friday, March 25, 2011

iPad 3

There was a huge line up for the Apple iPad here in Perth WA. Is it really worth all the hype?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jase Gone Wild!

I'm here in the United States of America. Took a little time out from my hectic life of doing nothing to see my sister (Big Little) as it has been a couple of years and her Husband is away so I'm not so much as going to help out as more just be there.

Let me start from the end and work my way back.

I'm now 1 week and 1 day into the trip and settled in nicely. Today we went to Ihop for breakfast where I continued with my important diet of eating as much as I can, American stylez! I had spinach, shroom, egg and cheese crepes. Strawberry and banana pancakes with at least 3 cups of coffee. And then retired to the couch to watch the first disc of 'The United States of Tara'. The most funny and amazing show I have seen in a while. Until Chris Lilly comes out with his next show. But that's for another post.

Yesterday I stayed in bed and read all day with a couple of beers to keep me company. The Girl Who Played With Fire, my most favourite book at the moment. It doesn't let me down. That was pretty much my day till I made my nephew some grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner and we watched Despicable Me. Tonight is Harry Potter, I went and bought all the DVD's for him. Only 10 bucks each. I've recorded my nephew saying 'Harry Potter' it's brilliant. When I figure out how to put it online and link it I will. Stay tuned...

So are you getting the picture now of how very little I've been doing over here.

The day before consisted of going to the mall Robyn Sparkles style. As did the day before but with a trip to the movies as well to see Black Swan. not into Ballet fear not, it's fucked up and worth seeing as it's not all about ballet. Check out 'That Movie Guys' review here.

I've been to restaurant for lunch pretty much every day and in most cases eaten out for Breakfast. Starbucks, Dunkin Doughnuts, Panera Bakery, Applebees, CPK (a pizza place). And on top of that I have had liquid lunches to complement each lunch as I am doing now. enjoying a smooth cold carton of assorted Sammuel Adams beers.

But things weren't so casual and laid back even exciting as my trip here. not only did i put myself through an extremely long flight ( I seriously thought I was getting that vein thing in my leg thanks to Claire who asked if I had the flight socks [paranoid]) 13 hours Sydney to LAX. That flight went well, despite the fact I was on an older air craft and didn't have my own personal TV set I managed, thanks to the wanders of the iPhone and a TV series names 'Extras'.

But I land and as I swiftly make my way through customs I realise after an hour and a half I've missed my connecting flight. There are about 12 other people who are also on my same flight. I was put on the next flight and with an hour to spare I'd have made my connecting flight to where my sister live, Norfolk. So I was waiting for my new flight back were re-checked after passing through Customs, oop's forgot to declare the Alcohol I had...

Half an hour late my flight boards to Chicago. No problem I can still make my connecting flight. Oh no wait a second there Jase. How about we sit on the aircraft for another hour and 45 minutes. In all the anxious confusion I thought the time was an hour behind so even though I was booked right near the exit and I was first off and ran into the Chicago airport, I was an hour out. And the flight I was supposed to be on was the last flight of the day. The airline booked me into a hotel and put me on the next flight in the am. So after a day's flying I ended up still travelling the next day. Not what I had planned or wanted, but hey the pleasures of choosing the budget airline. And just to add to that it snowed over night and into the morning so my flight was delayed by half an hour as they needed to 'defrost' the plane and 're-oil' it.

Thankfully although getting here was SHITE, I'm here and beer has made everything okay. HOWEVER, that beer and all the American food has done something to my belly. Stretch marks anyone?

Till next time...