Thursday, September 30, 2010


I've been out of town for the last few weeks and I keep thinking back to the time when I checked in at the Perth domestic air port. I think it has to do with the fact that I am having to deal with that again in a week and a bit.

The Qantas check in system has been updated to all electronic systems. I personally think it's a great move and when people get the hang of it, it should be so much quicker and easier. But that isn't happening at the moment.

I chose a line that had least people in it, as you do. What I neglected to check was the type of person in front of me. There were a couple of oldies. Maybe this isn't fair to them but in my defence, my Grandma uses the internet and is on top of this technology 'whohar', so I feel I can say the things I feel I must share.

The oldies in front of me were checking in. All you had to do as I'm sure you have all done before, much like a self check out at the supermarket, is scan your e-ticket print out and then your passport. They just couldn't get the hang of it. On their fourth attempt, yes 4th attempt, they neglected all international rules of 'if it doesn't work on the 3rd go, just stop'. They eventually turned around to which I quickly turned away as I knew what was coming. They still struck up a conversation with me something along the lines of, why did they have to change the system, this doesn't work, where is someone I can talk to and this was supposed to be easier.

They walked away I scanned my ticket, passport answered the questions and got my ticket and away I went. Furious these oldies were. Maybe It just comes easy to me because I was brought up with computers, or maybe it's just some of these oldies are so stubborn and wont accept change in their own age they had already given up and didn't want to try.

Needless to say the foyer was full of people waiting to check in, but the number of oldies outnumbered the competent people and the backlog began.

How do we conquer this problem? I say get off your chair (if you can) open your mind back up (cause I know you did in the 60's) bite the bullet and head down to your local library (which I know you already spend a lot of time) and get a computer lesson. You have the time and you know your gonna need it.

Otherwise Qantas, maybe put some more staff on while people get used to the new system please. Or have a person at a check in desk for those oldies that cant change.

As for the rest of us who are accepting change, the travel experience is getting better. Now all we need are people to check us in and carry out luggage.

Keep on Keeping on...

Being the New Guy

There is always a little trepidation to starting a new job, going somewhere new you really have no idea about. It's worse when you know what to do but your the new guy and everyone has to assume you know nothing.

I recently started a new job, I'm not going to mention what it is and I'm not going to divulge into details of what I do. But I've done it all before and no doubt I'll do it all again.

The annoying part is as the 'new guy' you get treated like your a little dumb. No one takes the time to ask the specifics of what you have done before or to find out if you are capable of doing the job. Now in their own right, this is a great way of avoiding having someone try and do their 'own' thing. But I just feel so helpless and useless to be honest. So I get told what to do and asked to go and help someone rather than being left to my own tasks.

It then gets to me when people start saying 'well done', or act surprised when the job was done, and with little effort. Being the New Guy sucks.

The problem with this new job is, there is a set way that has been passed down from person to person over time, tweaking it as they go for their own benefit. You would think from that someone would turn these secret processes into words on a bit of paper so all I would have to do is follow a list of things to do. Nope, easier for someone else to talk down to me.

But like any New Guy job, there comes a time when you become the secret process holder of information and can pass on your wisdom to the next New Guy.

But really people, it's hard enough being the new guy let alone having to be treated and talked to like I just came out of a womb.

Keep on keeping on...