Saturday, August 21, 2010

Election Malarkey

Firstly I have to start this blog with how do you actually spell Malarkey, but also what does Malarkey mean.

Today is election day and I have to be honest my first election that I get to vote in. Okay, so I'm 26 and this is my first election, how does that work? Is that what you were asking? No... Right then. Well I want to tell you anyway so read on please. The first election I voted in I didn't really follow what was going on didn't know how the whole thing worked so I 'donkey voted'. Then for the next two elections I was out of the country. Good ol' Howard was re elected while I was in Canada, of which I had been taken off of the electoral role. The second time was 'Kevin '07', and I had no Idea what was going on at that point.

So today was the first time I took notice to make my vote count. I conveniently work in the media industry and enlisted the help of a political correspondent to assist not only me but my listeners on who and how to vote. No that any of his advice helped, I had to make a personal call at 9am and ask what the devil I should do. Thankfully Steve from Steve from 89.7fm's 'Steve's Top Tip' assisted me and I voted right. Although at this point my vote hasn't really counted. Just shows you how backwards Australia can be.

But I can't help but feel let down knowing all the effort I went to didn't make any difference, unless things make a drastic change.

I guess we wait and see.

Till then...

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